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We are providing Chinese tea wholesale service in Shanghai DaNing International Tea City ( the largest tea professional market in Shanghai). In recent years, Chinese tea has crossed oceans with more regularity as orders from foreign tea enthusiasts who visit our tea shops. But they told us that they can not find top quality Chinese tea in their local tea shops or online shop. So we decide to build a online shop focus providing super-grade and high-end Chinese tea for foreign enthusiasts. These premium Chinese tea are expensive and rare, We advice our clients to taste the teas before their purchasing when they are in our shops. At the online shop, we also provide 10g sample bag and 50g tasting bag for foreign tea enthusiasts.
We name our online shop as " Chinese tea connoisseur".Special selection of Chinese super-grade and high-end tea for tea enthusiasts outside China who are experienced tea drinkers and full of passionate intensity about Chinese tea culture.All premium quality tea are directly from Chinese intangible cultural heritage inheritance tea masters' tea farms. We ensure that you would taste the best quality of Chinese tea!

All premium tea are from origin tea producing areas.(birthplace)
China tea has become a symbol of the country's history, religion, and culture. The history of tea dates back to ancient China, almost 5,000 years ago.china tea are named for the birthplace where it is cultivated. the names represent the method in which it is manufactured and its quality. china tea grown from different areas have their own characteristics. Tea leaves from certain mountains provide good aroma. Some are major in water quality. Some are good at aftertaste and some may contain necessary bitterness and astringency .and Tea plantations spread throughout China. We provide real China Loose tea and avoid fake tea, we get our teas in the birthplace of tea in China.

All premium tea are from tea artisan family-owned farm
Some tea business owners outside China prefer so-called “organic tea”. Actually, China tea lovers seldom use the concept “Organic tea” . “organic tea ” in China is not necessarily traditionally produced tea and is produced only for export. They are usually grown on large-scale farms organized and managed by local governments or larger companies.These teas are made in large farm and factories where tea leaves have been machine bruised, machine rolled, and machine fired. Modern technology generally serves only to increase efficiency at the expense of quality. These teas are obviously not the same as completely handmade teas with traditional methods.
All premium Loose tea are from small family tea farms which they have no more than a couple of acres and produce one or two teas indigenous to their area. These tea farmers are using chemical-free techniques to produce their teas. They continue to use the traditional techniques developed by the ancestors . Their teas are hand-made and crafted .These tea farmers usually are proud of winning in annual tea competitions.Some tea farmers' family are named ‘intangible cultural heritage of people’  by local government because of traditional tea producing craftwork
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